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Sparrow Care Network (SCN) was established in 2014 to help Physicians work more closely together to coordinate Patient care across the entire continuum of care. SCN is a Physician-driven and Physician-led network that includes Physicians in private practice as well as those who are employed by Sparrow and other hospitals across our eight-county region.

Physicians who are members of SCN have committed to work with their hospital partners to implement initiatives that improve quality of care, clinical outcomes, efficiency, access and affordability.

SCN has 34 volunteer Physician leaders who participate on the SCN Board of Managers and four SCN Board Advisory Committees. In addition, SCN has 660 physician members in 42 specialties who have agreed to collaborate to provide highly coordinated care across the mid-Michigan region.

Following are questions commonly asked by Sparrow Caregivers:

Are my doctors in Sparrow Care Network?
Most primary care and specialty care Physicians in the mid-Michigan region have joined SCN.

Can I only use Sparrow Care Network?
Any Caregiver who chooses the SCN benefit option will also be able to access other Physicians. If you need a referral because your condition cannot be managed “in-network”, that referral would be managed on a case by case basis, just as it always has been.

What’s the advantage of using SCN?
Every Sparrow Care Network doctor has promised to put Patients’ needs first, every time. All Patient care will be delivered using evidence-based best practices and the recommendations in nationally accepted clinical practice guidelines.

What does that mean?
All SCN physicians have actually signed a pledge to listen to the views of each Patient and to treat them with compassion and recommend care that is consistent with their wishes. That pledge means Patients will receive the highest quality care, and that care will be easily accessible and delivered in a Patient-centered manner.

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Attention Sparrow Caregivers: Effective January 1, 2018 SPHN is no longer the network for Sparrow Caregivers. Please refer to the Sparrow Provider Network (SPN) Directory to confirm participating providers at and click on "Find a Doctor." In the Provider Search, select "Sparrow Provider Network."